Crowdfunding is an incredibly interactive experience, and a successful crowdfunding campaign requires support from an engaged community. Social media marketing is an excellent tool to direct traffic to a fundraise profile.

The keys to success are planning, design and execution. It’s important to create a strategic social marketing plan in advance in order to effectively utilize opportunities that lie in the social media. Prepare photos to post and do research on how other accounts that target your audience used social media. Reach out to people who had successful crowdfunding campaigns, and ask them what they think the key to success was for them.

Try services like Buffer or SproutSocial to schedule social media posts well in advance of your campaign; this way, you are not spending your time hopping online every ten minutes to create a post. They also give you aggregated information about the demographics of the people interacting with your campaign on social media, which is important marketing information that can be useful in designing an effective campaign.  

  • Facebook
    • With over 1 billion active users on Facebook, many businesses choose to utilize the platform simply because of the traffic volume. Over 500 million users are present on any given day; the extent of reach is extraordinary
    • Not all posts reach a user's newsfeed; Facebook's algorithm filters many posts from people's newsfeed, even when they chose to follow the person or page. The algorithm's share priority is as follows, from greatest to least: video, photographs, link and plaintext posts 
  • Twitter
    • With 500 million users, Twitter is the runner up to Facebook in terms of size and reach. Unlike Facebook users, Twitter users seek quick bits of information rather than involved engagement
    • Twitter's algorithm promotes posts based on how many retweets/favorites they receive compared to the 'expected level' for that poster  meaning if a tweet is unusually popular, it will be promoted into people's feed
    • Tweets with the phrase "please retweet" receive retweets up to 4x as much, so if space allows include this in your post
    • Small, simple photos and quotes work well on this website  links less so, since people don't want to leave the Twitter app to read an article
  • Linkedin
    • Linkedin is a professional networking platform with approximately 175 million users. Users on Linkedin crave information and articles that will better their relationships, business practices, and industry knowledge base
    • Additionally, targeted marketing efforts have been shown to garner more positive results on Linkedin than on other platforms
  • Reddit
    • Reddit is a massive social aggregate of various forums (or subreddits) populated by approximately 20 million users from all over the world
    • There are over 67,000 subreddits available in which to engage, each with its own unique overarching theme (useful examples include Startups, Technology, and Crowdfunding)
    • Reddit is an excellent community for engaging, in-depth conversations rather than hard-selling tactics. In fact, overt selling tactics will be met with resistance within the Reddit community   
    • Before posting on Reddit, please look through their etiquette forums, called reddiquette.  It will save you a lot of pain and misfortune promoting on this website
  • Pinterest
    • Pinterest is a female-dominated (80%), visually-oriented social platform for picture sharing. 
    • Many pins center around crafts, design, and recipes. Pinterest can be utilized by businesses to share infographics, product pictures and other interesting visuals
    • Infographics and photographs work well on this website; pins that don't contain humans get pinned 30% more