You've done it! The campaign is complete and you've got a list of supporters who will be the catalysts of early business success. Time to communicate with them!

In order to send necessary emails, like thank yous, collecting shipping or sizing information, and giving updates on progress, you can download your backer info as a .csv file. 

The .csv file is used to store email addresses and information to be uploaded to a contacts book, mailing system, or other databases. Read more about how to use them here.  

You can download the .csv file of your backer info by going to the Fundraise tab of your Fundraise (located in the header) and then clicking Pledges along the lefthand side. In the upper righthand side of this menu, there is a button labeled "Download as CSV" that enables you to download your backer data.

This video goes over the 'behind the scenes' of a rewards fundraise, and how you can download backer data as a .csv (among other things).