A meaningful reward incites pledges because the reward is valuable to backers. By providing something of value in exchange for your backers’ pledges, you'll be much more likely to enjoy a successful crowdfunding campaign.

What are typical rewards?

While Fundable requires that you choose at least 3 levels of rewards, we don't have set requirements on what those rewards can be. Typical rewards fall in one of the three following categories:


Backers put cash in first to get the product your company will make later. Discounts on the total (projected) retail price or office packages are great ways to put a twist on a normal pre-order reward.


Providing the service your company will perform once it is off the ground or giving backers some kind of “thank you” service in the form of a consultation, a discount code, or even a special shout out on the company's website.

Brand swag

This type of reward includes t-shirts, mugs, hats, etc. It's hard to get backers to pledge more than $20 for a t-shirt or mug, so these are the best types of rewards for lower to mid-level tiers.

Make them plausible

Remember that while an overfunded campaign is a definite possibility, make sure that you’ll be able to fulfill your rewards orders no matter what!

Set your reward tiers

A standard rewards set would look something like 

        1) $10 for a logo t-shirt

        2) $40 for a pre-order of the item your company will make

        3) $80 for two pre-orders of the item (one for the backer, one for their favorite friend

        4) $150 for something special (like a custom pre-ordered item your company will make)