You can offer rewards in exchange for cash contributions from Backers. Rewards are simply items of value that "reward" a Backer for supporting you.

Why offer rewards?

The premise of a Rewards Campaign is to offer "value for value". Although some Backers may support your fundraise solely based on personal affinity, startups on Fundable are focused on providing tangible value in exchange for each contribution they receive.

What’s a meaningful reward?

Anything that people will gladly pay for. For example, If someone is contributing $50, providing an item from your first production run will give backers access to a new and innovative product, and get more people excited to support your endeavors.

There are three typical categories of rewards that work well:

Pre-Orders: Giving Backers a copy of the product you're looking to produce is the most popular type of reward.

Services: When pre-orders aren't available, startups can offer special services in exchange for support. We've seen everything from developers offering to write code for supporters, to Founders offering to make a home cooked dinner for fans and backers. You'd be surprised at how much capital can be raised just by offering to help others out as well.

Recognition (Swag): For smaller contributions, usually between $1 and $25, startups tend to offer some sort of personal                     recognition, ranging from a mention on their Web site to a company-branded T-Shirt. People love to be recognized, and for                   smaller amounts, it's a great trade.

How many rewards should I offer?

We suggest 3 - 8 tiers of Rewards to provide Backers with options. You should consider a small price point for those that just want to help out, a mid-sized price point that will typically be offered as part of a pre-order, and a large price point that offers extra special recognition for generous Backers.